Always end up punishing yourself when things don’t go to plan or end up feeling down when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere? Girl, it’s time to rethink that attitude.

Throw on your positive pants and get ready to see that failure is actually anything but.

1. Think failing creates a knock to your confidence? Rethink it gal.

By failing it shows you’ve actually had the confidence to try something and break out of your comfort zone. You go girl!

2. You appreciate things more

Failure means when you do succeed you’ll actually appreciate it. It’s there to keep us grounded.

3. Get creative

Think of how many thoughts you have on the reg, the fact that some of them don’t become reality ain’t no biggy. It’s all just part of a process to coming up with most boss a$$ one.

4. It shows who has your back

The friends that stay with you through all your ups and downs are the ones you NEED in your life. Failure shows you who you can trust no matter what sh*t you’re going through.

5. Use failure as a means to success

Negative vibes lead to more negative vibes. Put a brave face on it and use failure to kick your butt into gear. Make like Rhianna and WERK.

6. It helps you slay harder

All failures will give you some kind of lesson, they’re there to help you grow and become the ultimate girl boss!

GIF source: Giphy