Vogue 100 Comes to Manchester

You may know Manchester as a city of industry, you score extra points if you’ve got the 411 on its colourful musical history, but, have you ever thought about it as a capital of culture? No, it’s time to start, seriously! Home to boohoo HQ, boasting a huge multi-media art centre, tonnes of galleries and some of the best bars and cafes in the UK, Manchester is the new place to see and be seen.

Need more proof? Well, Vogue 100: A Century of Style has just hit town and when Vogue comes, you kind of have to take notice. Showing right now at Manchester Art Gallery, the exhibition celebrates 100 years of Vogue in Britain through the many iconic photographs commissioned by the magazine.

VOGUE 100: A Decade of Style

Set out by decade, each section paints a picture of the time, going beyond fashion and beauty to showcase the arts, literature and social issues that symbolised each decade. Since its Brit birth in 1916, in the depths of the First World War, Vogue has been held as a symbol of optimism and remains a who’s who of 20th Century culture. From Virginia Woolf to Irving Penn, David Bailey and Mario Testino some of the most famous names in fashion and art have graced the glossy pages of Vogue.

Of the many prints, plates and photographs it’s the step back to the 90s that really got me AND made me want to Instagram essentially everything (sadly no photos allowed). Not only was it the decade of the supermodels, it was a time that cool Britannia stirred the globe and saw gritty Brit queens rule the fashion scene. One cocky lass from Croydon (who is and always will be my hero) Kate Moss appears over and over, but it’s those truly real Corinne Day portraits from 93 of a grungy and waif like Moss in her underwear that really symbolise my Vogue.

Of course you need to go to discover what makes your Vogue.

And, if I haven’t quite convinced you to go yet, I’ll leave you with these words from Editor in Chief Alexandra Schulman, is this female boss can’t convince you, nobody can.

Vogue 100: A Century of Style is a landmark exhibition in the history of magazine photography.  I am incredibly proud of this collection of exceptional photography and of the whole concept of the exhibition, which shows the breadth and depth of the work commissioned by the magazine as well as Vogue’s involvement in the creation of that work. Anybody interested in photography, fashion, fame and magazines will find this an unmissable experience.

VOGUE 100: A Decade of Style
VOGUE 100: A Decade of Style

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