We’re waving goodbye to our summer tans and saying hello to autumn paleness. But don’t worry girl – you don’t need sun to be working that fleeky tan all day everry day. Take note…

Buy quality

We ain’t saying break the bank but owning a boss ass tanning product will ensure you have the best bronze poss. Check out blogger reviews and ask your gal pals for tips.

Prep that skin

Having the perf base is what’s gonna make your tan stand out from the rest of ‘em. We’re talking hair removal 24 hours before application, exfoliation and a sh*t tonne of moisturising, focusing on them awkward areas like your knees and elbows.

Invest in a tanning mitt

Cheap as chips and totes worth it, this handy ‘lil tool will ensure an all even application. Distribute a small amount of product onto the mitt and apply to the skin in circular motions, gradually building up to your desired colour.

Experiment with contouring

Applying darker and lighter tan on different areas of your body can create any appearance, from a fuller chest to a perkier booty. Super simple yet srsly effective, who needs the gym for a summer bod?

Ensure you leave time to dry

Whether you leave your new warpaint to dry au natural or you give it a quick blast with the dryer, make sure you leave plenty of time for it to dry ‘n do its magic.

Maintain that bronze

Now you’re slaying the sunkissed look, take care of your glow with baby body wash or lotion. Skip out on the oil based products and opt for delicate cleansers that will allow your tan to fade super naturally.

If you’re easily intimidated, try a gradual tanner

Fake bakin’ takes a bit of practise, so if you’re totes new to the tanning hype try out a gradual tanning product. Simply apply a light, even layer before bed each night and awake to a beaut completion. Slaaaay!