Always looking for new places to ‘gram? Well, when it comes to LA there’s certainly no shortage of Insta-worthy hot spots. From dreamy movie set locations to vibrant brunch places and restaurants, the city is covered in magic. Step up your Instagram game girl, here are the 5 hottest LA spots.




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If you went to LA and didn’t take a pic outside IN-N-OUT, did you even go to LA? We think not! The super cool fast food chain has become one of the most tagged locations on our Instagram. Girl gotta eat right?


Venice Beach

venice beach


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Whoever said ‘Life is better at the beach’ was right! But Venice beach is not your average beach. With its cool street performances, quirky shops and mesmerizing views, Venice beach would definitely help you become an IG star.



nice guy


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“There’s no such a thing as a nice guy” unless it comes in the form of a modern restaurant based right in West Hollywood. The sophisticated dinning spot is perfect for all Italian food lovers and gals who don’t let their friends start a meal before they’ve ‘grammed it’. This vibrant new restaurant is a whole new level of boujee.


Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills



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As once sang by Phantom Planet “We’ve been on the run, driving in the sun”, Rodeo Drive is one of the hottest spots in LA. Big roads, fancy cars and designer shop windows..thank us later.


Catch LA



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Catch flights not feelings…LITERALLY. This rooftop cocktail spot is every girl’s dream. You’d lying if you said you didn’t like a floral background and a pretty cocktail.


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