It’s pretty clear our love for this man will never die, anyone who tells us otherwise needs to sort their priorities out ASAP. What better way to spend our day than swoonin’ over his beautiful face… You can thank us later.

The wink of all winks

Is there really much to say apart from will any man ever beat it? Nope.


His love for dogs

When there’s an insta account called @tomhardyholdingdogs, you know it’s real. ENJOY!


His acting skills

From Legend to Dunkirk to our fave chick flick, This Means War – he’s done it all


His ability to pull off all the facial hair



His bromance with Leo

A sight we are MORE than happy to see


Did we mention he loves dogs?…

Sorry not sorry


Basically everything about the man

Let’s just leave that right here…


Image Credit: @tomhardy_tw / GIPHY