The Trends To Keep In 2017

By Clare Evans

I’ve never been much of a gambler. In fact, I’ve only made two bets in my 26 years.Once on a horse at the Grand National that – much like me when faced with running – decided not to start. And once in a Euros sweepstake at work. My team was Spain. In my limited football knowledge, I thought I was on for the win but they didn’t even make it past the qualifiers.

However, if you asked me to gamble on which fashion trends we’ll be sticking with in 2017 (well, that feels weird to type!) and which we’ll be throwing on the scrap heap, it’s a whole lot easier. Let’s just say, all bets are off.

Trends to Stick With

With January officially here, now’s not the time to be buying a whole new wardrobe. So it’s good news that there are some key trends from the past 12 months that you’ll be pleased to know are sticking around:

1. Loungewear

Yes girls, the casj trend is set to be very much alive and kicking in 2017. While it’s still not socially acceptable to rock up to the office in your dressing gown, mixing casual and more luxe pieces is still going to be big news next year. Think gym to drinks

2. Khaki

 This green shade was EVERYWHERE in 2016 and it looks like it’s going to be sticking around into spring. Toughen up pastels and florals with a khaki jacket or jeans for a simple take on this one.

3. Bardot

 Everyone’s favourite summer style staple is set to be huge news again in 2017 – which is great news considering my wardrobe is filled with approximately 1042952052 bardot tops and dresses. This year, think asymmetric cut-outs for a tougher take.

Trends to Twist

 Kickstart that “New Year, New Me” resolution by kicking these trends right out of your wardrobe:

1. Faux fur sliders

 RiRi made them a “thing” this year, but let’s face it; furry flip flops were hardly the most practical of items to wear ‘round the pool. This is one trend we’ll be leaving behind in 2016.

2. Ripped jeans

 Ripped jeans have been EVERYWHERE for what seems like an age but it’s time to kiss them goodbye in favour of more true vintage styles. But hey, at least your Gran will stop telling you your trousers have holes in them…

3. Plunge necklines

 The season of the extreme plunge is over, and instead 2017 will see us embracing higher necklines once more. Think the Victoriana trend – high neck and statement sleeves.