Now, this is all kinds of weird.

We got a bit Photoshop happy, and decided to pair some familiar faces next to their old, not-so familiar faces. And the results? Well, take a gander for yourselves.

Disclaimer: readers may be exposed to multiple eyebrow fails, excessive amounts of chunky jewellery and some dodgy dye-jobs.

Ariana Grande

#TBT Celebs Then VS. Now

Just hang on a minute… THIS is the same person? It’s crazy what a spray tan, hair dye and a few grands-worth of bling can do. Mind = officially blown.


Miley Cyrus

#TBT Celebs Then VS. Now

Just after wrapping up Hannah Montana, Miley looked like your typical Disney teen. The glossy locks, girly frocks, low-key make-up. Then 2013 came along…

BAM. The clothes came off, and the tongue came out (over, and over, and over…)

Taylor Swift

#TBT Celebs Then VS. Now

Everything about T-Swizzle would have been goals in 2007. Ringlet curls? Yep. Unnecessary amounts of statement jewellery? Show me those bangles. Baby pink lip gloss? Smother me in that sh*t.

Nearly 10 years on and she’s slaying even harder. Snaps for you and your fabulous red lips, Tay-Tay.

Victoria Beckham

#TBT Celebs Then VS. Now

Well, well, WELL. What do we have here…

Can we just appreciate that this woman went from sporting an embellished bandana/streaky highlights combo (not to mention doing a track with Dane Bowers, LOL), to one of the most sophisticated fashion designers going? Anything is possible, kids.