So Daniel Craig’s trending worldwide again because it’s rumoured he’s waved goodbye to 007 for good. And whilst there’s talk of who will bring their A-game as the new Bond, the SF team deliberate just who they’d pick…

Alexander Skarsgård

True Blood’s finest and stars as the one and only Tarzan this summer on the silver screen. He’s got the brooding looks, the talent and the body, did I forget THE BODY?!

Our Bond Line-Up

Ryan Reynolds

Forget the brooding serious guy, it’s all about fit, funny guy. If you’ve seen Deadpool, that’s the vibe I’m thinking here – Bond can work with sarcastic humour, right?

Our Bond Line-Up

Matthew McConaughey

Because if his performances in Wolf Of Wall Street, Interstellar and Dallas Buyers Club are anything to go by – he’d nail it!

Our Bond Line-Up

Leonardo DiCaprio

Because after his Oscar win there is nothing he can’t conquer. Maybe he could raise another one of these trophies as 007?

Our Bond Line-Up

David Beckham

Probably too nice to be Bond but CAN YOU IMAGINE? Maybe even JC can be his sidekick and then can throw in a Carpool Karaoke for good measure

Our Bond Line-Up

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