We caught up with producer, Lucy Ball on set of our latest #allgirls campaign to talk film and females.

See what went down…

What does the word inclusive mean to you?

The word inclusive to me means shapes and sizes and people who are weird and wonderful, people who hide in the shadows and who are centre of attention. Inclusivity is about everybody and everything.

What made you decide to pull together an all female crew for this shoot?

I think if we’re creating an ad for girls it’s important to make it with girls. Pretty much the majority of who we’ve got on board are females who are amazing at what they do. It’s a really exciting project as a producer to be involved with all this kind of energy.

What advice would you give to women trying to get into the industry?

I think you just have to be really brave. Whether you’re male or female, production is quite a hard thing to get into. You get a lot of knock backs, you won’t be paid great money to start with but if you have a passion for production and for film then you just absolutely have to push the boundaries or let anyone tell you you’re not good enough.

How do you think the film contributes to empowering girls to express themselves?

I think the film contributes to empowering girls in loads of ways from start to finish from when I wrote the commercial to when I brought our director on board to our casting, we’ve tried to authentically pull women together. The ad represents a shape of women – we cater for everybody.