The best love story: a girl and her dog. We caught up with the real star of our Valentine’s shoot, Kevin the Chow Chow and his owner Claire.

How did you and Kevin end up together?

I have always wanted a Chow, I think they are so beautiful and have such unique personalities. So, after a phenomenal amount of research I found a breeder and we went to visit the litter. We immediately fell in love with Kevin, it was like he picked us, while we were sat on the floor, he came waddling over like a little waggy potato and spent the whole visit with us.

How would you describe Kevin’s personality?

Totally unique! He’s such an oddball, he constantly cracks us up. He’s much more like a cat than a dog, everything is on his terms, he’ll come to you for pets and tummy rubs, but if you lie down on the floor to stroke him chances are, he’ll get up and walk away!

What is Kevin’s favourite thing to do?

In all honesty, Kevin’s favourite thing to do is sleep. He will happily sleep anywhere (and I really mean anywhere), he is definitely the king of naps!


What is Kevin’s favourite treat?

Cheese! He is a right cheese-aholic, he can be dead asleep in another room, but as soon as you get the cheese out of the fridge he comes running!

What is Kevin’s cutest habit?

He’s not a particularly affectionate dog, but he’s always so excited to see us when we get home! And recently he’s started jumping up on the bed in the evening for a brief cuddle (before he gets too hot and leaves) which totally melts my heart!


Does Kevin have a best friend?

He’s got a few besties. Bob the mini Dachshund, Winston the Beagle and his newest friend is Ziggy the Great Dane!

Can Kevin do any tricks?

We were actually on a show on ITV called ‘Teach my pet to do that’, when he was only 4 months old, where he was taught to roll over. But he can also give paw, high five, and beg (which is super cute).

How does Kevin do his thing?

Kevin is just Kevin and he doesn’t worry about anyone or anything. He marches to his own beat and that is what makes him so perfect in our eyes. He makes people smile just by being his silly fluffy self!

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