Raise your hand if you want some extra zzz time. Yep us too. So here’s five hairstyles that’ll mean you get longer in bed and less time spent on taming that head…

The ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Volume

Go with your natural flow and put the heating tools down. Think bed-head and undone – just add hairspray and a heavy dose of girl boss confidence.

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The Half Up Bun

One to rock with unwashed hair. Play on your hair’s texture by gathering front facing pieces into a high less than perfect bun. And as for the rest? Run waves through or backcomb a little to give that extra oomph.

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The ‘I Made No Effort’ Low Pony

Forget only wearing a pony once a week – we’ve moved on from the Mean Girls days. When it looks this good, you’ll wanna rock it all day errryday. Take your usual low pony, add some gentle backcombing at the bobble and pull a section out to hide your elastic.

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The Go-To Bun

This is the one that’ll get you through any in between wash days. Go high, go big and don’t worry about it looking perfect – it’s not meant to. Finish off with some face framing pieces.

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The Low Key Plait

Not keen on a hair up vibe? On day 2, mix it up by taking a section of hair from each side, plaiting and joining at the back for super slick but oh so quick style.

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