Lent: 15 Things To Give Up
With Pancake Day (sadly) over, it’s time we looked to Lent. Here at boohoo HQ, we like good vibes only, so this Lent we’re not giving up chocolate or crisps but things that can make our days that little brighter…


Sure it’s in our nature to complain, from bad service in a restaurant to the weather but negativity breeds negativity. Think positive, speak positive, and watch your mood instantly lift.


Everyone has them but give up feeling regret. Why? You can’t change the past, you can only learn from it. Even regrets are helpful experiences in steering your life in the right direction.


It’s not good for your health and for those around you. Next time you feel yourself getting worked up, ask yourself – is it worth me stressing over? 90% of the time it’s not. Put things into perspective, count to 10, take a quick walk outside – whatever works, try it, and quit stressing.

Being a Control Freak

I always remember a quote I read: ‘Change what you can’t accept, accept what you can’t change.’ Not everything is in our power, from a train being delayed to a torrential rain on your graduation – there’s not much point getting worked up over something you can’t stop. So try your best to accept it and move on.


From too many clothes to old receipts, hoarding can clutter your life and your mind. So dedicate once every while to clearing out things you don’t need anymore.

Trying to Be Perfect 

Striving to be perfect is not only tiring but will lead to an unhappy life. Aim for perfect moments, not a perfect life. Love the imperfections and appreciate the little things and your life will naturally seem more perfect.

Trying to Please Everyone

We’re not saying go out of your way to make the people in your life angry, but one sure fire way to lead an unhappy life is to spend it trying to please everyone apart from yourself. From your partner to your parents and your colleagues to your close friends, you won’t be able to make everyone in your circle happy. So don’t beat yourself up about it.


Sure you need to work to live and whilst we think it’s massively important to love your work and your job, don’t live to just work. Pick up a hobby, spend time with your family, travel the world, volunteer. Give up thinking your life is all about working and find things that inspire you every minute of the day.


Assuming and not communicating can affect your relationships. Quickly put: don’t assume. Communicate and question things instead.

Waiting For The Right Moment

Because there’s no such thing. Make the moment right. Whether it’s a career change, colouring your hair, moving across the world or telling someone how you feel. just do it.


We all do it, but try to give it up where you can. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and adopt an understanding and appreciation of everyone’s differences, rather than judging them for them.

Depending On Others To Be Happy

Yes the people around us contribute massively to our happiness but it’s hugely important to find happiness within. Be content with yourself and find happiness in the everyday, the little things, so that the people in your life are an extension of an already great life.

Saying Sorry

Not completely! Say sorry when you need to and when you mean it. Sorry is massively overused at the moment, so refrain from saying for the sake of saying.

Social Media (to a certain extent…)

Whilst we like a little Snapchat, the odd Instagram, a handful of tweets and 297 Whatsapp messages…okay so we love it, try and give up spending as much time on social media. Spend time having a laugh rather than snapping you having a laugh. Live in the moment and make more memories than recording videos.

The Fear

Of what? Everything. Believe in yourself and believe you can achieve anything and everything. A little fear is good because it means you care, it means you’re excited and most importantly it means you’re alive. Feel the fear and do it anyway.