This season the hottest trend we should all be buying into is the steps we can take, big or small, in being more eco-friendly and green with out lifestyle choices. Whether this is making a more conscious effort to recycle, cut down on plastic consumption, or shop smarter.

With so much information out there knowing where to start when it comes to getting on right path to a greener way of life can be pretty overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve taken some of the stress off for you with our top these easy things you can do to instantly do and feel better.

Recycle The Right Way

An obvious one we should all be doing as the norm rather than making a more conscientious effort at this point, recycling paper and plastics the right way is an easy place for anyone wanting to start their new greener approach to life.

Say Cya To Straws

Ok, let’s get real here; do you really need a straw with your drink? Did you know plastic straws can take around 200 years to decompose? Not to mention injure our ocean’s wildlife. If you can’t bear to part with your straw habit, switch plastic to paper. Or better yet, invest in a metal straw.

Invest In A Bag Fo’ Life

Say no more to plastic bags. They are unnecessary and one of the easiest and most effective ways to begin your mission into a life of less plastic consumption. Treat yourself to a cute tote bag or a sturdy bag for life and keep it in your everyday bag at all times to never be caught out.

Pack Your Lunch

Ok, we totally get lunch time jaunts at work can be a key treat and something you look forward to to break up the day. But think about how much plastic packaging you’re buying into per week with your daily trips to the local supermarket. Sharpen up your culinary skills and bring in your own lunch from home to save on both dollars and plastic.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Similarly, you can make easy but good changes to how you consume your liquids too. Invest in a reusable water bottle and, if caffeine is your vice, a coffee cup too. It makes treating yourself to your fave local coffee shop’s speciality way more guilt-free.