Friday Muse: Xenia Ghali

This week, we’re crushin’ on producer-come-DJ and all round mega babe, Xenia Ghali. From her style to her new single, we can’t get enough of her.

Friday Muse: Xenia Ghali

Not only is she the founder of her label, Funky Sheep Records, she’s also classically trained in the piano and taught herself to play the drums and guitar where she became the lead guitarist in her high school band. Cool, right?

Friday Muse: Xenia Ghali

Here’s what went down when we asked her some of life’s big questions…

Describe your style in three words…edgy, street, chic.

What’s your go-to outfit at the minute…a long t-shirt, leather jacket, leggings, sneakers and a big handbag.

What are your makeup bag essentials…foundation, blusher, mascara and eye liner.

What’s your fave trend this season? 

Oversized bomber jackets

What are your plans for the new year?

To write as much music as I can, to collaborate with artists and musicians who inspire me and to perform!

Are you reinventing yourself for the new year or staying as you are? 

A combination of both! I’d love to explore more on the fashion side and I’d love to experiment a little more with my music but without stirring too far from where I am currently. I guess the right way to put it is that I’d like to evolve.

How do you own being you? 

I know what I want, I’m very passionate and I never take no for an answer!

At the weekend I can be found… Either in my studio working on music, performing at a show or out with my friends

My special skills are… music, creative direction and sports!

I’m always talking about… the latest record I’m in love with, new music/sound equipment I dream of getting my hands on or I talk about work!

The hashtags I always use is…#producer #dj

A word or phrase I overuse is… My dude

Friday Muse: Xenia Ghali

Get the look…

Friday Muse: Xenia Ghali
Friday Muse: Xenia Ghali
Friday Muse: Xenia Ghali


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Image source: Instagram