The smell of pizza has to be one of our all time faves, amiright!? So what would you say if we told you your house could smell like it aaaaalll the time, as well as a ton of other delicious treats.

The Stinky Candle Company, a small start-up in the western suburbs of Chicago, have created these SRSLY unique smelling candles and let’s deffo say they are something we’ve never heard of before…

Pretty much aaaaanyy flavour you can think of that you have never seen on a candle, they do it. We aren’t joking. From chocolate chip cookie, bubblegum and fresh bread to the sliiightly weirder flavours of chlorine, beer and money!? There is even vomit and body odour flavoured ones which we are not so sure we wanna be trying anytime soon.

It’s a YES to nacho cheese flavour.



The candles cost $11.99 (£8.83 for us) – the Stinky Candle Company have got our backs because they ship internationally, meaning that you won’t miss out on all these incred’ flavours. So get picking your fave and make your house smell seeeeriously edible… We’ll take freshly baked cookies any day of the week.

Image Credit: @pizza / / GIPHY