We caught up with songwriter & producer Lauren L’aimant to talk about her career, all-things music and her new single Family.

How did it all start for you? 

I was living in Manchester (just down the road from boohoo HQ funnily enough!) and was working in a call centre. I decided I needed to pursue music so I moved back home, to London. A real ’now or never’ moment! I was in the gym one day in my hometown and bumped into an old friend who was working for a big music management company. I played him my music and after some further conversations they signed me as an artist & writer. I was writing constantly, things started snowballing (albeit slowly), and I met more people who would be paramount in my development as an artist, and here I am!

What does your typical day look like?

A typical day for me usually starts with a workout. Then I’ll head to my home studio, or into central London to collaborate with other musicians. I try to write music most days.

Describe your sound in three words…

I’d say my sound is ‘real’, ’emotional’ and ‘poptastic’. Haha.

What was your most memorable gig?

I recently played at a big fashion event called ‘Pure London’ which was held at Olympia in London. I sang my song ‘Family’ on the catwalk in front of hundreds of people, and it was pretty awesome!

What did you have on your playlist growing up?

My mum tells me that I was OBSESSED with the Home & Away theme tune as a baby, but aside from that, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey and The Spice Girls (of course) were on repeat for me. Through my teens it was definitely UKG that stole my heart. Craig David is definitely a big influence on me! And he still is.

What’s the last song you listened to?

It was CharliXCX’s new track ‘Boys’. Catchy as…

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met?

There are so many cool people in my life. I think the most starstruck I’ve been though, in terms of meeting a fellow music maker, is Etta Bond. I met her at an Apple songwriting event.

If you could collab with anyone who would it be and why?

It would have to be Craig David I think, just because he’s one of the reasons I make music. And he’s most definitely slicker than your average.

What does 2017 have in store for you? 

I have a good few gigs lined up (watch this space) and I’ll also be featuring on other Artist’s tracks, but most excitingly I’ll be releasing an EP later this year. I can’t wait to get it finished.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to get into music?

My advice would be to perfect your craft, and don’t ever give up. It’ll happen. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!

My style is…

Smart casual 80s kid.

I really can’t live without…

My keyboard.

At the weekend I can be found…

Making music!

My special skills are… 

Writing about heartbreak (haha), although I’m getting better at writing about love now.

I’m always talking about…

“Making it.”

The hashtag I always use is…


A word or phrase I overuse is…

Safe G.

If I was an emoji I’d be…

‘sarcastic moon’.

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