So as far as National Days go, this one of our faves. Why?  Because we get to re-live some of our top BFF pairings. Get squad goals now and tag your bestie with which duo you are…

Best Friends We <3

Blair and Serena

If anyone’s friendship stood the test of time, it’s these two Upper East Side queens. From gossip to guys and scandal to shopping, they schemed, fell out, made up and gave us ultimate #squadgoals when B told S: “There’s nothing you could ever say that would make me let go”

Best Friends We <3

Brooke and Peyton

Another blonde and brunette double act, these two reigned One Tree Hill as the unbreakable but ballsy pair. They kickstarted a whole lifetime of ‘Hoes over Bros’ quotes, made us envious of their hook ups with the one and only Chad Michael Murray and made us want to join a cheerleading squad STAT

Best Friends We <3

Joey and Chandler

Chandler and Joey, aka the original bromance. We’ve all got a friend that’s a little slower than us, but we still love ‘em anyway

Best Friends We <3

Lauren and Heidi

Okay so some or all of The Hills may have been scripted but it doesn’t stop us fangirling over the BFF goals they gave us. Sure they spent quite a lot of seasons either arguing (everyone remembers Lauren’s “He’s a sucky person!” moment) or not speaking, but their make-ups were legendary. From Heidi gatecrashing Lauren’s boat party to Lauren putting everything aside to go to Heidi’s wedding to Spencer, we miss you guysssssssss

Best Friends We <3

Alexa and Nick

These two are my fave celeb BFFs because they have great fashion sense, my sense of humour and they’re in a circle of GREAT celebs mates Harry Styles, Daisy Lowe… why wouldn’t you want to be in their squad?

Best Friends We <3

Cara and Jourdan

From donning a dinosaur onesie to cook in to getting matching double D tattoos, Cara and Jourdan are just two down-to-earth supers who don’t give AF

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