Calling all the make-up obsessed gals! These vloggers are exactly who you should be following for the ultimate beauty inspo…


One of the baddest vloggers around! Dutch beauty guru Nikkie has been around for years and is absolutely killin’ it social media. Follow her antics on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube and let yo’ self be taken on a total visual journey!



This total babe has landed himself a very well-deserved 18 million followers on YouTube. Patrick has also been lucky enough to partner with amazing brands like Benefit, Formula X, Jouer, NYX and many more. SLAY!



27-year-old American makeup star Jaclyn has found herself collaborating on all sorts of projects and celebs on her Youtube channel. Not to mention she’s released her new Morphe Palette which has got every gal going cray-cray over its lush shades.



This gorgeous Nepalese guru has made a name for herself in California by transforming herself into different characters and famous faces from around the world. Check out her YouTube and get transfixed on her totes incredible creations!



This SRSLY insane New Zealander gal has us all majorly obsessed with her out-there make-up looks and creative tutorials on YouTube. Perf to follow for some early inspo’ for your Halloween looks!



Half Indian, Half Norwegian – this 21 year-old has no limits to the beaut looks she creates! Rita is currently Graphic Design, she brings her art into her makeup with vivid colours and out-of-this world YouTube channel.