Pretty sure we’re not the only ones that spend half our lives browsing Insta wishing we could manage those srsly beaut braids that so many girls snap photos of, we’ve got yo’ back girl! We’ve put together a few easy styles for you to try out that will still give everyone all the #hairgoals…

The Fishtail Bunches

They may look a lil’ complicated, but once you’ve mastered a fishtail braid (which is actually super easy, we promise!) then all you need to do is loosen them up to create those tousled braids.

The Jewelled Braid 

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Strugglin’ a bit with the plait you wanna get the hang of? Stick to a classic plait that we can all do and buy some super cute hair rings to tie in and you’ve got yourself looking oh so festival ready!

The Braided Crown

For the gals with hair for days! All you need to do is one simple plait, make sure you pull it loose, wrap it round the top of your hair and pin it in place. The result is SRSLY cute.

The Undone Plaits

We’re takin’ it so easy on you now – you don’t even need a hair tie! Just pop some random plaits in your freshly curled hair and spray them into place with hairspray and you’re rockin’ all the surfer chick vibes.

The Pretty Pastel

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If you can’t dye your hair all the colours of the rainbow in summer, when can ya!? This pretty peach is incred’ and will spice up any old braid you wanna put in your hair!