Bombarded with Black Friday deals? We feel ya. Here’s ten pieces that won’t break the bank but will have you looking babein’


1. The Embroidered Dress | Was £75, Now £56

Killer party dress? Tick.


2. The Padded Jacket | Was £45, Now £32

Because it’s the ‘it coat’ of the season.


3. The Satin Joggers | Was £20, Now £16

Make ’em green with envy in a slick satin jogger.


4. The Pearl Jumper | Was £20, Now £18

For when your basic black knit just won’t do.


5. The Stripe Jumpsuit | Was £25, Now £18

The all-in-one you can dress up or down with ease.


6. The Teddy Coat | Was £40, Now £30

Because cute and cosy at the same time is SO a thing.


7. The Popper Trousers | Was £25, Now £20

Because those sports luxe vibes are always on trend.


8. The Chain Mail Bralet | Was £25, Now £17

For when you need jeans and a nice top.


9. The Tux Blazer | Was £35, Now £26

Your party ‘drobe will thank you for it.


10. The Festive Bodycon | Was £12, Now £9

For when you need to be real…