We ain’t afraid to admit that our lives revolve around this years’ series of Love Island – and one gal we’ve been crushin’ on from the start is the cool ‘n collected Montana. All hail our ultimate fave islander…

ITV2 laugh eyes montana love island GIF


1. She loves snacking

Instead of grafting or trying to tame f*ck boys , our Montana was more interested in munching away through all the drama. Talk about our spirit animal.

2. She always speaks her mind

From rating people with and without their sunglasses on to just telling everyone damn straight – Montana’s honesty always makes us seriously LOL.

3. Her body is goals AF

The motivation to do squats after seeing Montana in a thong bikini is UNREAL, ammiright?

4. She doesn’t stand for any sh*t

And if any man is mean to her, she’s telling ’em a serious boy BYE. You go girl!

5. She’s the kinda girl we need in the squad

Montana is a serious girls girl and is an ultimate babe – we’re loving her girl power vibes!

6. She’s super QT with Alex

Although we love Mon with or without a man – watching her and hottie Alex makes us squeal with excitement. You guys.

7. She’s an amazing friend

She’s loyal AF, is a great listener and is forever offering out advice to her best pals in the villa.


8. Her facial expressions are fab

If she ain’t impressed – you’ll sure as hell know about it. *Queue the serious eye roll*



9. Her dancing is hilariously  awkward

But she’s still the coolest girl we know, ofc.


10. She’s super modest

Our fave thing about this Love Island queen is that she doesn’t even realise how amazing she is! Montana to win PLS!