Every gal is living for the ‘gram these days, let’s be real. These are the ultimate snaps you’re gonna see lurking on every self-confessed insta queen’s grid…

1. The food pic

‘Cos every member of the squad knows to leave their grub alone until the perfect insta – worthy snap has been achieved.

2. The iconic selfie

Instagram is all about finding that SRSLY perf lighting and getting your pout on with true selfie queen sass.

3. The squad photo

Who run the world? Girls! A super on – point group pic is fab for embracing some major girl power vibes.

4. The OOTD

You don’t have to be a #fblogger to show off a slayin’ outfit to your followers.

5. The throwback

Whether it’s back to when you were working that tan or just a happy memory, we all love ‘em.

6. The artsy shots

We’re all ‘bout channelling our inner edgy and celebrating sassy LD lights, cute plants and graffiti walls, amiright?

7. The boomerang

Every boss ass b*tch has mastered the boomerang by now- and the hype ain’t going nowhere yet.

8. The holiday snap

We’re talking tropical scenery, pool side swag and pretty cocktails to die ‘fo.

9. The flatlay

A well thought – out flat lay of some girly goodies makes one aesthetically pleasing ‘gram.

10. The #goals

When in doubt, us girls are always partial to a ‘lil goals AF pic to get that insta inspo going.