by Sarah Pritchard

Why Ariana Grande Is An Idol We Should All Look Up To

1. She stands for women’s rights

Ariana has often spoken up about cat calling and standing up for girls everywhere, whether it’s body confidence or helping young fans with their confidence issues.

2. Her unbreakable bond with her fans

From messages on self-acceptance to private meetings, Ariana never fails to put smiles on her fans faces, of all ages.

3. When she clapped back at sexism and fought hatred with kindness

Ariana doesn’t take anything from anyone, from interviewers to internet trolls she will stand her ground and tell them they are wrong.

4. When she urged women to be seen for their success and now their gender

From child star to superstar, she’s stayed humble.

5. Her love and support for charity work

 From Stand Up To Cancer to PETA – she’s always willing to give.

6. She showed selflessness and empathy in the wake of destruction

She raised over 4 million pounds for the families affected from the Manchester bombings, brought the country together with love and visited fans in hospital.

We <3 you girl!