From giving back to movie nights with your S.O or your besties, get in the festive spirit for Christmas 2019 with the Christmassy things to do in the lead up to the big day.

Have A Tradish Pre-Christmas Dinner With Your Besties

Round up the squad stat and nominate a host for the feast where every guest brings something to contribute.

Take part in an office Secret Santa

If you manage to keep it completely anonymous the whole way through we salute you.

Give Back

Get in the true Christmas spirit and give back by donating to those in need or volunteering.

Movie Night

Get the snacks in, line up the festive films and sit back. Santa’s coming and so are the festive good vibes.

All Of The Lights

There may not be snow in Australia come Christmas but the lights are lit. Hunter Valley Gardens is seriously worth the drive up North to see some truly instagrammable lights.

Bake Off With Bae

Challenge your S.O to a festive themed baking night. An excuse to unleash your competitive streak and eat a whole load of (hopefully) yummy goodies in the process.

Themed Karaoke Night

Round up your besties and sign yourselves up for, not your regular karaoke night, but a festive themed karaoke night.

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