When it comes to setting yourself a New Years Resolution, think of it as a long-term lifestyle change rather than a short term fix. Here’s our round up of the New Year’s resolutions you can actually stick to.

If it’s no longer making you happy, remove it from your life. Whether that be a toxic friend or unfollowing an account on social media that doesn’t make you feel good.

Clear out your wardrobe. Have a serious cull and give to charity or hold a swap shop with your friends.

Learn to cook something new at least once a week. Your bank account and body will thank you for eating out less and watching what you nourish your body with more.

Read more. It’s calming so take some time out and get lost in a good book.

Work out at least three hours a week. A serious dose of happy endorphins post work out are always a good idea.

Give to charity or volunteer.

Start that new hobby you’ve been putting off.

Call your family or friends you’ve lost touch with at least once a week. Spread the love.

2020 we’re ready for you.