If we could ever imagine what mermaids eat, this would DEFFO be it. Say hello to the Mermaid Chilled Loop – the prettiest food invention we’ve ever seen fo’ sure.

These sparkly goodies are blueberry glazed ‘n’ covered in magical mermaid sugar – and they’re served up with ice cream, sugar, chocolate pearls and a white chocolate tail. Erm, are we dreaming?

American handcrafted churros business, The Loop, have created these mermaid-worthy eats for a limited time only – so it’s no surprise the whole of Insta is going cray-cray for them.

And if you’re looking for something to wash down your dessert, they’ve released some new mermaid blue raspberry lemonade drinks that look just as pretty.


Talk about mermaid squad worthy stuff – get them over here now PLS.

Photo Credit: Instagram