Not only is J.Lo guilty of releasing a SRS bootylicious jam, but she’s also in a hella load of hilarous films. Grab your popcorn and get your J.Lo binge on…

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1. Monster In Law

If you ever thought you had it bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Jennifer plays Charlotte – who’s in love with a man who’s mum will do anything to ruin their relationship. Get ready to LOL.

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2. The Wedding Planner

Our J.Lo plays a successful wedding planner in this rom-com… at least she is until she falls in love with the groom. (Whoops!) An easy, lighthearted watch.


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3. The Back Up Plan

One of our fave Jennifer chick flicks, this movie sees a pregnant Zoe meet the guy of her dreams… but how does she tell him? This funny AF film highlights the joys of pregnancy to a T- and Alex O’Loughlin is super hot.

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4. Maid In Manhattan 

J.Lo plays a maid who meets a gorg politician, who believes she’s socialite after a mistaken identity. Fate throws ’em together in this ultimate love story that shows it just don’t matter where you come from.

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5. What To Expect When You’re Expecting

This ultra adorbs movie follows five couples as they all experience having a baby in many different ways. The film has a majorly sweet message behind it, and it’s perf with a glass of wine and a box of tissues.