This week we’re catching up with Marie-Claire, from our Social Team based in Manchester. We get the 411 on what an average day looks like as a Social Media Assistant.

My alarm goes off at…

6.45 (and then gets snoozed about 10 times)

I start my day by…

Immediately checking social (sad but true) to see if anything big has happened over night.


I’m responsible for…

Everything that goes out on boohoo’s UK Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.


The best thing about my job is…

All the really fun, random events I get to go to to cover on social – the highlights have been a Halloween fancy dress competition for dogs, the opening of a cookie dough café, and a pool party in Mallorca. And the people I work with!



My day in three words…

Memes, clothes, and puppies (always the most popular videos on our Facebook page!)

My fave work memory is…

Going to Bestival last year to cover it on boohoo’s Instagram made my whole summer!

Advice I’d give to someone getting in this industry

Be prepared to have your phone glued to your hand 24/7. The nature of social media means that you need to be ready to be reactive all the time, including evenings and weekends.



An average day goes a lil’ like this…



We always start the day with a team meeting to discuss what’s trending on social and plan how we can react to it. Then I’ll look through all the posts that went out on Facebook and Twitter the night before to see what content is performing best for us.


Every morning I go through all of the product pictures we’ve been sent by influencers and customers and decide which ones to post. Once a week the whole team will get together for a big meeting to brainstorm ideas for up-coming campaigns and events.


Before heading out to get lunch I look through Instagram for new content to share on our Facebook page – this usually means looking through lots of memes and watching lots of videos of puppies and kittens!! Once I’ve got enough content I’ll put together a plan of what to post each day for the week ahead.


On Twitter and Snapchat we like to do a lot of collaborations with other brands, so I might spend some time in the afternoon looking through Instagram for cool accounts we can work with.


We schedule all of our Facebook and Twitter posts in advance, so I spend a few hours every day on this to stay ahead.