Check Out or Chuck Out?

Get to know what’s hot & what’s not in the world of trending foods. The superfoods we just can’t get enough of, over the foodie hype that frankly we wouldn’t feed to our dog.

If you’ve been crushin’ over coconut everything, what else should be on your shopping list?

Check Out

1.       Sriracha

Your favourite hot sauce just got B-or-ing (yawn!) Why have spicy when you can have sweet and spicy? Now we’re talkin’.

Bold chili and garlic flavours that work with practically every meal, soz Tobasco but we’ve got a new hot and tasy bae! 

(Sorry not sorry)

Check Out or Chuck Out?

2.       Doughnut ice cream cones (AKA chimney cakes)

When doughnut met ice cream, all our dreams came true.  Goodbye Krispy Kreme, I’ve booked my flight to Prague and I’ll be back when I’ve found a doughnut that puts all others to bed. Were talkin’ sugar encrusted, gooey chocolate centre, Mr Whippy filling and smores on top! (YAY!)

3.       Birch water

Move over coconut water there’s a new plant party in town. This year it’s all about the tree and there’s nothing green about it. This clear, refreshing liquor is the nectar of now. Packed with anti-oxidising manganese, word has it we’ll be glowing from inside out after a good slurp of sap!

Check Out or Chuck Out?

4.       Kimchi

As soon as someone says ‘superfood’ we’re all ears. Kimchi has been dubbed one of the worlds’ healthiest foods so straight off we’re sold! If we’re honest the sound of raw cabbage and radish fermented in garlic, salt, vinegar, ginger and a whole heap of spices didn’t have us exactly temped. BUT, somehow the mix of crunch and tang, it really does give your standard  rice/noodle dish a tasty kick. The ‘friendly bacteria’ is packed with vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy tum that can even lift our mood and reduce our risk of allergies. Our hay-fever can naff right off!

Check Out or Chuck Out?

Chuck Out

1.      Kombucha

If you are on a detox mission then kombucha may have popped up in your research to add to your cleansing rituals, and for medicinal purposes we can’t really argue. The kombucha culture (scoby) is fermented with tea and sugar to produce organic acids and vitamins that work like a natural antibiotic. However, just plucking up the courage to swill down the fizzy, sour, vinegar like tonic has us gagging. We’ll happily test it out on our locks for silky shiny hair but other than that we’ll stick to a skinny latte thanks!

Check Out or Chuck Out?

2.       Golden Milk

2016, the year turmeric took over! It’s everywhere, in my dried coconut chips, matcha tea and my beet juice. Hailed as ‘spice of the year’ turmeric is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and us gals can’t get enough. A spot of turmeric tea at the time of the month is great for easing up the cramps and balancing our barmy hormones. As a female remedy, turmeric we salute you, but seriously mitts off our milk. No amount of ginger or chai spice can soften the blow of turmeric in raw almond milk, we’d rather eat a chicken tikka masala.

Check Out or Chuck Out?

3.       Cloud bread

I’m all for carb free, paleo and ‘free from’ living but who seriously CBA with bread that’s not actually bread. Literally sack it off altogether or buy yourself some coconut flour, it’s a game changer!

4.       Acai Bowls

Last year we were all about the acai bowls for breakfast, a large portion of our favourite smoothie accessorized with chia seeds, berries, toasted almonds and lots of other good stuff. They almost look too good to eat and we kinda wish we hadn’t. Imagine trying to eat all that fruit whole? Our body just can’t process it, plus it’s crammed with naturally occurring sugars, nearly three times our daily allowance in fact in one meal! Shocks! This sugar fest sends our body into slob mode and we crave more sugar to help us recover! #SuperfoodFails

Check Out or Chuck Out?

5.       Rainbow foods

Shut the front door, my cheese toastie is all pink and sh!t, Like wow!…Or not?

I might indulge in a red velvet cupcake once in a blue moon but I draw the line at my toastie. Sorry to be a ball buster but the ‘oh so’ pretty rainbow of colours are synthetic chemical dyes that increase our risk of cancer due to their toxicity!

Instaworthy? Yes! Calorie worthy? No ta!

Check Out or Chuck Out?

So there you have it, our lowdown on the foodie fashions and fads

But we have to hand it to the coconut. With fermented foods being all the rage, the sale of coconut vinegar is now on the rise. That ‘cocomadonna’ aint goin’ nowhere! So will you buy it or bin it?