Christmas in Aus – it’s something that people can’t quite get their heads round. Do people really go to the beach on Christmas Day? Do sandmen actually exist?

Here are our top 5 discoveries…

1. It’s seriously hot 

Note to self – a Christmas jumper might look festive AF, but it’s just not worth the meltdown (literally)




2. People really do ‘put another shrimp on the barbie’

Yep, seafood is more popular than Turkey on the big day


3. Not everyone just sits around all day…

People play cricket and have water fights. Erm, I think we’ll stick to the sofa


4. Santa can surf!

Okay so we can’t confirm if that’s actually Mr Claus himself, but we do know that surfers are partial to wearing a santa hat at least


5. Their decorations are LIT (quite LITerally)

It might be 40 degrees, but that ain’t stopping anyone when it comes to hanging out the fairy lights