Because everyone goes through these same stages on Christmas Day…

1. OMGGG it’s Christmas!!!

2. Unless you’re hungover from the night before. Then your morning starts something like…

3. Champagne for breakfast? Because you probably won’t drink enough alcohol today anyway.

4. But you went hard on Christmas Eve, so feel instant regret.

5. Is it even Christmas without scoffing chocolates from the Quality Street tin?

6. PRESENTS!!! But as a grown up, its mainly stuff you’ll throw in a drawer and never use. Adulting is pants sometimes.

7. When is the food getting here??

8. Realising that you’re meant to be helping in the kitchen this year.


10. The inevitable food coma.

11. Forced fun with distant family members.

12. Falling asleep by 8pm in front of the TV.

GIF source: Giphy