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Today marks the 10 year anniversary of one of our fave series of all time – Gossip Girl. Even though we have major love for the show, we feel as though we need some questions answering…

1. The Chuck Bass transformation…just HOW?


 tv drinking friendship gossip girl best friends GIF

2. I mean, we get they are rich and have power, but how are they all getting into clubs at 16?


 gossip girl delusional GIF

3. If Jenny knew it was Dan, then why was she okay with him outing her as a drug dealer, for losing her virginity and having a fake boyfriend?


4. Who even was Vanessa…and why did anybody care?


5. Who was in Bart Bass’ casket after his first death?


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6. How did they all look so good in high school, I mean hello where is the blue mascara!?


7. I mean, did anyone ever actually go into college after the first semester?


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8. Why did nobody bat an eyelid when Serena admitted she basically killed a guy?


9. What happened to Monkey? Chuck Bass’ cute companion was nowhere to be seen after he married Blair.


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10. DAN…WHY DAN? Need we say anymore…

By Sophie Kennerley

Giph Source: GIPHY