by Jess Jepson

10 People You Meet At Uni

1. The ‘mad’ one

Every group has one absolutely ‘mental’ member, the real #LAD who swears they can out drink you all. I mean, they practically drink tequila for breakfast. Yet somehow they’re still always he first one with their head hanging over the toilet…

2. Everyone’s best friend

There’s always that one kid, usually a girl, who is just SO nice. Maybe even too nice. They ‘just love’ everyone and they’re everyone’s ‘best friend’. They might be clingy, but they’re loyal.

3. The rich kid

Student loan? What student loan? Daddy’s credit card you mean. Why would £1 shots excite you when Moet is an option?

4. Miss Invisible

Everyone has that one invisible flat mate. You met in freshers once, you think… But nobody has seen them since. I mean, you’re pretty sure they’re still alive, right?

5. The flasher

A new laptop, a daily Nando’s and a few too many jäger bomb rounds…flashing the cash is easily done! But there’s always that one guy who manages to blow their ENTIRE student loan within a week. The solution? Pot noodles all round!

6. Miss Perfect

Meet the model student. A party the night before a deadline? I don’t think so! Uni work > fun. Always.

7. The easy lover

That one friend who’s fallen in love and had their heart broken more times than you can even care to remember. Yet you’ve only known them a week… They still swear that the guy they met briefly on the first night of freshers is ‘the one’. Yawn.

8. “Friendly” Alice

All the guys love her. All the girls? Not so much.

9. The bitter one

They’re still mad they didn’t get into their top uni choice and had to settle with you dumb, immature peasants. You’ll never hear the end of it.

10. The Rule Regulator

That one person who takes drinking games a little TOO seriously. They always manage to catch you slipping up in ring of fire and ensure you receive an adequate punishment. But hey, every ends up drunk so who cares?

GIF source: Giphy