Whether you do it for health benefits or animal welfare, a diet without meat or dairy can seem limiting for many.

But wait. Vegans aren’t all coconut milk and quinoa. Here are ten foods you didn’t realise were vegan-friendly. (Prepare to be v.surprised!)


This is not a drill.


Bisto saves the day – aaah!


Relieve your youth, vegan style.

Bacon Rashers

Not actual bacon rashers, obvs. 

Jam Tarts

We’ll have ours with a cuppa, please

Strawberry Laces

Bring on the strawberry lace races!

Hot Chocolate

Need a chocolate fix? Everyone’s fave frog saves the day once again. Just add almond milk.


Bring on the crumpets. Smothered in (vegan) butter, of course!

 Image source: @accidentallyveganuk

Image credit: Unsplash