Your Guide To Bomber Jackets

Not bought into the bomber jacket trend? Now’s the time. From silky satin fabrics to lace up details, we’re not lying when we say there’s one for everyone. Here’s your ultimate guide to bomber jackets, well at least the 10 you should know about… 

1. The Bardot Bomber

The new one to watch out for. Bardot’s been big and shows no signs of stopping. So update your trusty bomber with an off the shoulder neckline. You won’t regret it.    

Wear with: Some skinny black jeans and a killer heel. 

Where? After work drinks when you wanna look like you’ve made a little effort. 


2. The Ticks Everything Bomber

Why work one trend when you can rock them all with one statement piece. Collared, embroidered and comes with tassels – it’s a hero piece that all your friends will be asking about. 

Wear with: Your fave basics and denim cut offs for hotter days. 

Where? Those festivals you’ve got coming up or lazy weekend days. 

3. The Contrast Collar Bomber

Keep khaki in your wardrobe but move it on with contrast collars and a bada$$ attitude. 

Wear with: Everything from MOM jeans to your fave LBDs to give them a little dress down. 

Where? Anywhere you wanna make a statement. 

4. The Velvet Bomber

Wear with: Silky slip dresses and crisp white tees. 

Where? Date night with bae. 

5. The Sequin Bomber

Wear with: Anything in your wardrobe that screams ‘out out.’

Where? The dance floor of course. 

6. The Leather Look Bomber

Tell me about it, stud. Well you can do it the Jessica Bomber. Think Sandy from Grease and own that room babe. 

Wear with: Light wash denim or an all black OOTD for kick-ass vibes. 

Where? When you’re going out for one, but you know quite full it’s not just one… 

7. The Quilted Bomber

Wear with: Oversized t-shirt dresses and grey tones. 

Where?  Shopping with the girls. 

8. The Lace Up Bomber

Wear with: Cute camis and high-waisted denim. 

Where? When your OOTD needs to go from AM to PM and still look slick. 

9. The Pink Bomber

Wear with: White pieces or a clash of sugary sweet hues. 

Where? Anywhere you wanna stand out. 

10. The Everyday Bomber

Because trends come and go but black pieces stay forever. Oh, and they go with everything too. 

Wear with: Everything – this one’ll have your back through thick and thin. 

Where? Everywhere…