Why You Shouldn't Let Your Newsfeed Give You Envy

By Niki Igbaroola 

Take it from someone who is on month one of an indefinite self-imposed Snapchat ban: timeline envy is REAL. When the majority of your life – both work and play is spent online, you can really start to get a bad case of FOMO and wonder exactly when you picked the short straw in life.


Timeline envy becomes even worse when you have a case of cabin fever from being stuck in a place of inactivity for too long for Christmas. Endless servings of food and mulled wine is the prime day for this to happen. I mean my Christmas Day usually becomes a food —-> nap cycle that has me needing another day to come back to real time. It’s basically a day of lounging on your back between courses and scrolling through your phone because your mouth is too tired from marathon food shovelling sessions mixed with conversation with your equally worn out family.


Here’s the thing, everyone else is likely in the same boat. All the stylised images you see popping up on your timeline are being edited and posted by someone equally as over-fed as you are trying to pass the time till they can re-up on stuffing.


Odds are if you put down your phone, you’ll see that BBC is giving us a two-part Christmas Day special of Bake Off which is basically more than we deserve. And if you’re not into bake-off (which doesn’t even make sense) then you’ll find that no matter how tired everyone at home is, pulling out a board game or two will quickly change the tone of the room. There always are and will be competitive as hell people in the room that’ll turn the party ALL the way around.


Essentially, the best memories are the ones you create in that moment. Chances are in a day or two, you’ll completely forget that thing on social media that made you feel envious but still be laughing at whatever ridiculous thing was said or done on Christmas day by a relative or ten. After all Christmas Day is for family and you have the rest of the year to let people on social media make you green with envy.