Treats To Get You Through The Last Days Of Veganuary

Find yourself daydreaming of melted cheddar and milk chocolate? About to fling that spiralizer out the kitchen window? Making a new commitment is hard enough to consider without factoring in the extra effort involved. IRL most of us are no master chef after the day job ends. Time is short and money tight. A vegan diet may be a change of mind set but it doesn’t have to be a change of lifestyle.

It’s time to follow our zero sacrifices, simple, survival guide and save yourself from peril. Breakfast right through to dinner, we’ve got you covered.



On the go
Peanut butter or Avocado on brown toast
Probably something you eat most days but as soon as the word diet comes to mind we panic and start spending hours preparing a dairy free quinoa porridge that tastes like gruel. Opt for an old friend. It’s a steady release of energy and a comforting winter wake-up call without the fuss.

Not something we’d advise for everyday eating, but we can’t go without mentioning teen star Clara Polito’s banana breakfast cake with maple frosting and caramelized corn flakes!

Eating out
There are lots of delicious smoothie recipes to opt for or try a Acai Breakfast Bowl or Dairy Free Bircher pot – they’re both fresh and filling.



On the go
Salad doesn’t quite cut it in winter and it can be quite frustrating when every sandwich at the local supermarket is packed with mayo or cheese, but you can always count on a tasty falafel number.
If you’re sticking to the salad, add seeds and nuts for extra texture and healthy fats. Our favourite are chia or sunflower seeds and you can keep a handy bag in your desk drawer to add to, well everything!

My favourite healthy lunch is a five bean/ quorn chilli. I make it in bulk and eat with a different complex carb every day such as wholegrain rice or sweet potato. We promise you won’t miss the cheese if you get the spice right!

Eating out
Most cafes have a homemade soup on special and the flavour combos are a little more adventurous these days. But if you’re after something nibbly, Carluccio’s Antipasti platter of roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, chargrilled veg, balsamic onions, olives and green beans with homemade focaccia is like a mini moment in the Med!



On the go
Think Miso soup with its moorish umami flavour. It’s delicious with a side of Inari sushi and edamame beans.

Eating out
Pizza gives us life. There are so many delicious varieties without cheese. Go for spinach, mushrooms, pine kernels, artichokes, tomato, chilli flakes and garlic oil finished with rocket, extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley! Nom.

Veggie curries are packed full of flavour with a Massaman being my NO1 choice. Rich Persian flavours topped with toasted cashews nuts for extra protein.




On the go
Thank God for Oreos and almond milk flat whites. When you’re loaded up on the good stuff you can take the biscuit!


Carrot sticks and red pepper hummus is my most favourite go-to snack, easy to buy in bulk and pop in your packed lunch. There are endless variations of hummus recipes to experiment with, Sriracha hummus is everything.

Eating out
The perfect excuse to order a martini, olives of course! These are a great way of stocking up on good monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.




Load up on colour
Think beetroot, blueberries, pumpkins and leafy kale. Taste the rainbow.

Texture is important
Crisp leaves, crunchy seeds, raw veggies with beans and nuts to up your protein source. We love beansprouts stir-fried in Tamari.

Think fresh & flavoursome
Stock up on healthy spices or get potting coriander, tarragon and dill? Take your veggies from bland to bling and let them really sing with our favourite flavour pairings.
-Carrots with caraway seeds,
-Roast tomato with chilli and fennel
-Butternut squash & sage


Curb the carb fear
This is a concern for many a vegan but as long as you are opting for wholegrain varieties and eating a balanced plate there’s no need to worry. Don’t forget carbs such as potatoes, rice, wheat and oats are plant sources too and our body craves them as an energy source.

Take it slow
Your body will take some time to adjust so there’s no need to be so hard on yourself, girl did good.