90s kids are the best kids am I right? This time of year always makes us think back to those more simplistic times when the hardest decision we had to make was deciding what scent of gel pen to write our Christmas cards in.

Thankfully for you, us boohoo babes are on hand to help you with any gift giving woes you may have this December. We can’t hook you up with a real life Dream Phone for your single BFF, but these gifts come pretty darn close…

Violet Lace Up Platform Trainer

Yo! We know what you want, what you really really want…to release your inner Spice Girl

Panda Badge Pinafore Dress

Badge it! Career not quite taken off? Leave the badgin’ to the pros

Leanna ‘Girl Power’ Slogan Tee

Girls rule, boys drool 4eva

90s TV Trivia Card Game

If there aren’t questions on Kenan & Kel or Bernard’s Watch I’mma be fuming AF

Sausage Dog Giant Eraser


Amy Glitter Phone Cross Body Bag

Glitter here, glitter there, glitter e’rywhere

Ahah Crushed Velvet High Waist Leggings

No outfit was complete back in the 90s without a lil bit of velvet clothing

Arian Oil Mud Face Mask

A sleepover is not a success without some of these bad boys in tow

Hollie Reindeers And Snowflakes Christmas Jumper

The cutest ugly Christmas jumper around to either save for the big day itself or to wear to your annual family portrait session and show off in style

Phoebe Unicorn 3D Slippers

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Always be a unicorn. And always keep your tootsies toasty