The Easy Drink To Impress Your Squad With This Xmas ...

Don’t get us wrong, most weekends, we’re ‘out out’ and love nothing more than dressing up in our best OOTD and spending an hour perfecting our brows. 

But a chilly winter’s night sometimes calls for onesies, Netflix and hot chocolate. Once you’ve had one hot chocolate you’ve had them all right? Nope!

It can’t get much better than this indulgent cocoa, blended with Oreo cookies. It’s TDF!

Here’s what you’ll need;

4 Oreos (we used chocolate, but mint is also the one)

250-300ml milk (enough to fill your mug)

3 large dessert spoons of mini marshmallows

Squirty cream

2 heaped dessert spoons of cocoa powder

Toppings of your choice

Here’s how to do it; 

– Blend all your ingredients together minus your toppings, 1 Oreo cookie and your whipped cream.

– Gently heat the mixture in a pan. Be careful not to overdo it.

– ·Serve in a large mug (if only bottomless mugs were a thing!)

– Top with whipped cream, an Oreo for dipping and anything else you fancy, it’s nearly Christmas after all.

Top tips; 

  Adding marshmallows creates a S’mores affect. YUM!

– · Don’t want a hot drink? Blend with ice cream instead for the perfect cookies and cream shake.

That’s your next girls’ night in sorted!