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A drink is no longer just a drink. Because Starbucks have SRSLY upped the game with this mystic creation. As now you can get your hands on a fortune telling Frappucino.


Aptly named ‘The Crystal Ball Frappucino’, the colour pop concoction is a specially blended coffee with an added extra. It’s topped with candy gems and finished with a dash of whipped cream. Oh, and it’ll tell your fortune too.


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The drinks are pretty ‘grammable and each colour will determine your fortune. The Metro reports how “Blue sprinkles are said to mean that you’ve got adventure coming your way. Green sprinkles mean you’ve got some good luck in your future (time to get some lottery tickets?). Purple sprinkles show that there’s ‘magic, wonder, and enchantment’ headed your way.”


Sadly they’re only available in America, Canada and Mexico and if you’re in those lucky countries – you’ve got until March 26th. Go go go!