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There ain’t nothing like the adrenaline you get from watching a scary movie, amiright here? If you wanna get SRSLY spooked, these are the horrors perfect for you…

Insidious 4

If you’ve watched the other Insidious films, you’ll know they get scarier everryytime. Coming to cinemas next January, you’ve got a while to prepare for the horrors that Dr Rainier experiences in her own family home.



Just released in cinemas, this creepy AF film sees children disappearing due to an evil presence whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. Do NOT watch if you hate clowns…


Annabelle 2

This movie follows a couple who’s daughter died in a tragic car accident – and following her death a doll in their orphanage appears to have a life of its own. You’ll NEVER look at dolls the same…


Get Out

With cray-cray high ratings, this horror sees a meet-the-parent milestone of dating turn SRSLY disturbing. If you like suspense, this is deffo worth a watch.


Alien: Convenant

With more of a sci-fi twist, this movie is perfect for anyone interested in life beyond earth. It will also have you terrified of it after though, fo’ sure.

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