New week = new clothes, right? Refresh your ‘drobe RN with five of our hottest pieces that have just landed… 

The Military Jacket 

If there’s one jacket you need to up your outerwear game, it’s this. Think lavish piping and double breasted buttons to really work this trend. 

The Satin Top 

What’s slick, grey and sassy all over? You in this choker satin top. 

The Peplum Top 

Want a break from black? Hit up cream shades that look super slick teamed with some peplum layers. 

The Embroidered Biker 

One statement piece that will get everyone talking – the embroidered biker. Get ready to turn heads.

The Glitter Joggers 

Never get told off for dressing down again in these subtle glitter joggers. Wear in or out of the house to earn serious style points. 

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