Meet our third #allgirl,

Manuela: @thereal_monarch

Originally from Medellin, Colombia and now living in Boca Raton, FL, This #allgirl was a pleasure to have as a part of our Back to school shoot here in NYC!  We sat down to chat with her about her life and how she’s loving being a part of the new boohoo #allgirls campaign.


Q: Tell us about your everyday life, Are you in college/school/work?

A: My everyday life consists of going to college at Florida Atlantic University and studying psychology to become a psychologist for the department of veteran’s affairs.

Q: Tell us about when you feel the most beautiful

A: I feel the most beautiful when I can look at myself and can honestly think WOW she did that

I don’t need anyone’s approval, I don’t need anyone else’s opinion. I just need to know from within myself that I feel great and then I can radiate that energy out to others.


Q: What does confidence mean to you?

A: To me confidence means being able to look at yourself and love yourself for exactly who you are. You’re beautiful because you’re you and no one else is exactly like you.

Q: What’s your life motto?

A: My life motto is you aren’t special because you’re a part of something special, something is special because you’re a part of it.

Q: Describe yourself in three words

A: Goofy, sociable, and intelligent.

Q: Why are you a boohoo girl?

A: I’m definitely a boohoo girl because I know that I can look at and there is going to be someone on the website who looks like me. There are going to be clothes that fit me, and that fit other girls. It’s not all just one type of style it’s versatile, just like me.

Q: How has your style changed as you’ve grown up?

A: I used to be very simple and now I try to come out of my shell and really show who I am from the inside and let my clothes speak for my personality so people can see what they’re getting into when they meet me.

Q: What does it mean to you to be part of an #allgirls team?

A: Being part of an allgirls is very amazing because all of us look so different. None of us are the same and that is exactly what boohoo stands for. All types of girls with all different styles. We can all come together and seriously feel beautiful.

Q: What are your dreams in life?

A: My biggest dream in life would definitely have to be happiness. I want to wake up every morning and genuinely be happy with where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m with, and what I’m surrounding myself with.


Check back next week for a Q and A with our final #allgirls competition winner!