Our fave old school film turns 22 today! Can you believe that? We have watched this one countless times with our girl squad and it’s given us all the goals from fashion to those all imporant life lessons..


1. If in doubt, you SHOP. ALWAYS.


2. When something goes wrong… you deal with and move the hell on!


3. Your one goal in life is that you own this wardrobe… *one day*


4. Every gal needs a catchphrase


5. Learning how to flirt isn’t as easy as it looks


6. Keep those standards high, ALWAYS.


7.  Be careful choosing your BFF’s — they might just stab you in the back


8. If you do something seriously embarrasing in public, you pretend it NEVER happened


9. Always defend your fashion choices – you do you girl!

10. Love conquers all, even in slightly awkward situations