Treating yourself or your squad this weekend to a killer breakfast. We’ve got you. Scott Morgan shares another delish breakfast treat that’ll score you serious brownie points…

Let's Do Brunch
Let's Do Brunch

Sugar Vs Salt

French toast topped with crispy bacon and maple syrup 


Bread (2slices)
Bacon (4rashers)
2 Eggs
Tspoon of milk
Maple syrup


1. Fry bacon in a frying pan on the hob (until crispy)
2. Whilst the bacon is frying, in a bowl add the eggs and milk then whisk.
3. Add this into a shallow dish, soak the two slices of bread in the egg mix (should soak most of it up)
4. Add a knob of butter in a frying pan, heat, then add these two soaked pieces of eggy bread, make sure you keep flipping until golden/ brown.
5. By this time the bacon should be crispy, chuck the golden eggy bread onto a plate, top with the crispy bacon
6. Cover with maple syrup (as much or as little depending on the hangover).