It's A Spring Thing

The clocks have changed and quite frankly, life gets that little bit better. But aside from ditching the coat and dare I say it, donning bare legs on the regs, why should we throwing our hands in the air like we just don’t care? Let me walk you through why spring should be your fave season, because lie all you want, everyone has one…

Spring sees the start of a clean slate. As much as we like to thank January 1st for giving ourselves an overhaul, nothing says new you like a spring clean. And that doesn’t start and stop with you – but with your home, your job and your life choices.

It’s everything you wanted from winter but couldn’t get. Like extra hours. Okay, we’ve not got Bernard’s Watch but we have got this special thing called Daylight Saving and what a darling it is when we have to haul our ass to the gym at 8am before the 9-5 kicks in. Or when our bodies quite frankly don’t want to rise any time before the sun decides to make an appearance.

It has our back when we get to wave a sweet goodbye to 15 denier tights because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laddered a pair trying to hoist them up to the place they were meant to be all along. Well I will – every damn one. Sure it means my legs will resemble the shade of an A4 piece of paper for the first few weeks, but it also means I won’t snag them on the side of my desk and result in a hole the size of a small country which will be pointed out by every person I come across for the rest of the day.

It means we get to finally delayer and not spend the first 5 minutes of every sit down meal removing layer upon layer of clothing – we’re free to show off our shoulders, ditch the coat and open toe shoes are a possibility once more.

It means we get that summer glow – you know the one; you’ve read the Instagram post. “Skin gets darker, hair gets lighter” which in reality for me means my roots come through quicker and my freckles attack – but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for feeling the sun on my skin.

Social lives get sweeter as duvet day excuses or ‘it’s too cold to go out’ are no more. I’m talking driving with the roof down, heading to the beach, last minute picnics, sunbathing in the park and beer gardens galore. And RSVPs are a reality with weddings to attend, festivals to dance at, vacations to book and ‘just going for one’ happening far too often.

It’s everything going on around you – the flowers blooming and the sun staying put until the early eve. And if you’re not convinced by now – here’s the biggest one of all – time off. Because whilst we thank god for Friday, I thank him a lot more for those sweet bank holidays.