How-To: Smash Your Fitness Resolutions

By Sisi Ncube 

Struggle sticking to the fitness goals you’ve set yourself? Yep, same. So here’s some top tips and tricks to smashing them RN. 

1. Have a set goal

Whether it’s a fundraising walk or you want to run 20KM a month, having a goal will keep you motivated because you’re focused on achieving that goal. Write it down and tell your friends too – that way there’s no getting out of it!  

2. Have a workout plan

Decide in advance what you want to do at the gym. If you have a set workout plan you are more likely to stick to it. You could do classes that came free with your membership or get a personal trainer who will help you with a set workout plan.

3. Have a meal plan

Your diet accounts for 80% of your weight so if you want to avoid temptation at lunch (and overspending) make sure you prepare in advance what you are going to eat and stick with it. 

4. Get a workout partner

Choose wisely. You need to get a partner who will keep you motivated. Your workout partner needs to be as serious about their goal as much as you are about yours. This way you keep each other motivated and accountable. 

5. Workout in style

There’s nothing like a new gym outfit to motivate you to get to the gym so check out our latest fitness range to get you looking and feeling fly >