by Katy Love

How To Make The Most Of Winter...

Summer may be over but we love AW, too! Here’s a list of things to do to make the most of the new season…

Movie Day 

Sure, you can have a film day anytime of the year but it’s all the more cosy when it’s cooler outside and you’re in a duvet burrito with a box of chocolates within arm’s length?

A Walk

Don your boots and head out for a crisp, fresh walk to blow off any cobwebs. 

Grab A Coffee

There’s nothing better than watching the world go by with a grande latte, right? Bonus points for warming your hands up, too. 

Have Some Me-Time

Make the most of your home comforts with a night of TLC to beat the blues.

Get Planning

Summer plans are made in the winter so get planning!

Image credit: Unsplash