by Sarah Pritchard

How To Cope With Leaving College

If the thought of leaving halls and living a normal adult life has you having a mini mental breakdown – don’t worry, hun. Here’s our guide to get you through…

1. Make sure you all go out every single night and capture it all on camera – you girls need to make the most of each other before you head back to different parts of the country

2. Get yourself some sort of job for back home, even a part time one, to keep your mind from wandering

3. Start saving – the world is your oyster!

4. Let your mom know you’re gonna be moving home, convince yourself its only temporary and then let her do your laundry for the next 3 years

5. Vow to keep in touch with everyone and start planning extravagant trips away to relive your younger years

6. Get your sleeping pattern back! You were once a nocturnal student, you are now a semi-functioning human

7. Finally say goodbye to fresher’s flu after 3 years of living in a breeding ground for germs

8. Accept its okay to grow up no matter how scary it is and finally let go