Yes, you heard right. These beautiful ice creams do actually exist. Not only do they look incred’ – they taste pretty amazing too….

Introducing 15-year-old vegan instagrammer, She is creating the most dreamy pastel themed food shots that everyone is lovin’ right now, and SRSLY – we are not surprised. If you haven’t come across Jose yet you NEED to be following her. A very popular creation in the foodie world right now are these galactic themed ice creams, and no we are not joking when we say that they are vegan… *insert shocked emoji*

Originally, these galaxy themed ice creams were posted by Sydney art director and foodie, Li-Chi Pan, but after she didn’t post a recipe on how to make them – Jose took a go at it herself, and she did a pretty good job at matching them. The ice creams are made from coconut milk, coconut nectar, blueberry juice and Butterfly Pea Flower tea. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Image: @lichipan


Jose has even taken the beautiful pastel shades and turned them into her own smoothie bowls, and the result is serious foodie GOALS. We’ll say it one more time, she is someone you wanna be following on Insta…

Image Credit: Instagram